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Gaming You

Gaming You

He is gaming you if…
…He tells you to keep the relationship secret ‘cos no one needs to know for now.
…He can’t disclose his source of income to you, ‘cos he likes to keep his job separate from his relationship
…All he asks for is sex anytime you are alone, ‘cos he thinks you are irresistible.
…He never talks of the future nor does he want to know what your plans are.
…He dodges every opportunity to meet your family claiming it is too early and you need to take things slow.
…He is giving you all you want with no questions asked nor cautioning.
…He guard his phone like his life would end if any other person touches it.

She is gaming you if…
…She keeps ending her calls when you are around or picks it and start giving the yes…no…yes response.
…She is keeping you away from her friends and family, telling you not just yet.
…She doesn’t advise you to save and plan for the future
…She has so many uncles that can not be accounted for on her family tree
…She sees nothing bad in you keeping late night, drinking and living fast life.
…She is spending more money than she is earning and travels so much just to do nothing.

These facts are not absolute but like the hands on the wall, they have something to write. Be careful!


Selah is a motivator with one thing in mind and that is to bring out the best in you. The basis of the teachings is that there is nothing impossible for a man who has God and who is dedicated to achieving results. Selah is an economist by profession and a life consultant by practice with wide experience in life, its values and expectations. Selah believes you are here because you need answers but know that it’s only God that can provide all answers and if you trust in Him, He would open your mind as you read through. Selah is glad you have visited this site, hopes you will continue to and hopes the site continues to meet your needs for motivational support. Stay blessed!

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