Second Chance

Second Chance

“People make mistakes and in other to make up for them they make worse ones but if you give them a second chance they may surprise you.”

Often times people wrong us, like humans that we are, forgiveness often comes slowly and most times at a price of writing those people off. Life is not as straight-forward as we often want to see it, a friend today an enemy tomorrow and an enemy today can be a friend tomorrow. People change and most times people who have wronged you before end up being the most loyal because they have a point to prove.

If someone fooled you once, it is that person’s fault but if same person fools you the second time it is your fault. Second chance doesn’t mean trust, it means forgiveness and giving the person opportunity to try again, letting go of the offense and not the offender, keeping the lessons and not malice because “a black pot can still produce a white pap”.

If you think you deserve a second chance then giving others shouldn’t be an issue

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