Faith or Commonsense

Faith or Commonsense

Shared from Olajuyigbe Olumuyiwa

1Kings18:41, Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.

This was a time that Israel was going through drought for over a period of three years in a row. Crops wouldn’t germinate. Thirst was not uncommon. Rivers dried up. Then suddenly, a man came and said that he heard from God that there would be abundance of rain.

“C’mon Mr. Man, no lightning, no thunder, no slightest sign of rain in the skyline and you are here saying you hear the abundance of rain. Come off it.” Someone would have said.

A lot of us are moved by sight which is why they can never receive what the ordinary eyes cannot see. I love what Ahab the king did, despite the fact that he didn’t see the gathering of the cloud or lightning, he went ahead to eat and drink in expectation of abundant rain.

Maybe the angel in charge of rain was off duty on the day the man of God spoke that word, but because Ahab took that step of faith, the angel had to quickly resume for duty. Bible says there was no small rain, but a heavy one.

That there’s economic depression does not mean you cannot prosper; after all, the promise for you is that while others are saying there’s a casting down, you shall be saying there is a lifting up.

Faith plays down the physical sense and embraces the supernatural – the word of God. For the supernatural to take place, the natural needs to be done away with. I tell people that sometimes and most of the times, faith doesn’t make sense because it sees the end of a matter from the beginning.

Faith is going out during the dry season with a raincoat in expectation of rain. Faith sees what the natural mind cannot see. Always remember that to activate your miracle, you need to activate your faith not your commonsense.

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