Rules of Three

Rules of Threes

Life-Believe, Faith and Hope
Believe and you would have faith, have faith and you would never loose hope, for life ends when hope ends.

Self – Chance, Change and Choice
When you take the Chance to make the right Change, you would have made the Choice to establish yourself.

Leadership – Courage, Competence and Character
To lead you will need Courage, with experience you will become Competent then you will need your Character to keep you up there.

Survival – Hardwork, Smartwork and Talent
Hardwork fills the pocket, Smartwork fills the reserve but Talent fills your life.

Miracles – Praise, Prayers and Possibilies
Praise open doors Prayers find too strong to open, when you are thankful for what you are yet to receive, Possibilies are all you get.

Don’t loose faith, it’s all you need to move mountains.

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