Presentation and Positioning


Presentation and Positioning

We are not new to this saying that ‘you will be addressed the way you are dressed’. This expression goes beyond what you are wearing, it includes the way you present yourself and the aura that you carry with you, some call this packaging. Do you know that people judge you by how you look even before they hear you speak or actually get to know the real you?

Success is not by chance, it involves step by step events of personal efforts, positioning and divine favours. Positioning anchors on the contacts you possess/keep and your personal presentation. A man with sagged pants and big tattoo had better be a hip-hop artist and not a lawyer because no one will take him serious and that definitely is bad positioning.

The way you present yourself is the way people; friends and associates will receive you. People we call high-class are so called because of their carriage. Know this, it’s not about how expensive you look but about how modest you look. For instance blings and big chains are expensive but I doubt if you can represent a corporate organisation or meet a prospective investor wearing that.

A friend once told me that the best advice he received enroute  success was “be smart and look good” and it worked for him, he is a successful accountant now and he sure knows how to look good. Don’t take outings for granted, you don’t know who you might meet, be mindful of what you write, you don’t know where it might be read and be careful of what you make permanent on your body in the name of fashion because you don’t know how odd it might look in few years’ time.

Presentation is key on your way to success. It determines how people look at you and reason with you. If you hope to play in the elite-league then you must be ready to reassess yourself for better positioning.

See you at the top.

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