Where Help Comes From

Where Help Comes From

The Psalmist said, ” I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?”


It was Sunday afternoon, Mebi felt so down; good times in the church, lots of prophetic utterances but back home sadness all around, piling bills, Joan (her boyfriend) is inconsistent as ever, her parents deserve so much and she knows it but what her current job pays her can’t even take her through the first week after salary. She looked up, tears in her prayers, she could only hope God was listening.

Bright and early Monday morning, Mebi dashed out for office. In the bus she met an old friend, her room-mate back in her university days. Two of them were so excited, gossip galore, they talked about everyone in their graduating set; the ones doing fine and those struggling. There and then Mebi realized she might not have gotten all she wanted but then she’s doing better than she thought she was.

“When last did you hear from Debi?” her friend asked Mebi. “Well it’s been a long time,” Mebi answered. (Mebi stopped calling Debi because she perceived Debi as being too saucy also Debi never returns Mebi’s call and that Mebi attributed to Debi’s pride and show of class). As their different destination approached they exchange phone numbers and said their goodbyes.

Though-out the day Mebi became a lot livelier, now full of smiles, she realized there is a lot to be thankful for, thanks to her friend she met earlier in the day.

At around 4pm, she decided to call Debi. “Hello this is Debi, may i know whom i am on to?” With shaky voice filled with inferiority complex, Mebi responded, it’s Mebi.

“Oh, you have heard too, that i’m traveling out to UK to settle down with my man”, she said in her usual saucy way. “No!” Mebi replied, your thought just crossed my mind and I just wanted to hear… Debi cut-in, “anyways thank you. Are you still at that your peanut job?”

Mebi was brought back to reality by that question. She answered, “well what can i do?!? With a sheepish smile in her voice, Debi said, “dear i have to go, I would call you later”. Without waiting for response Debi hung up on Mebi. “She would not call back i know”, Mebi exclaimed. “God why did i call her, she has just spoilt my almost perfect day”, Mebi grumbled.

Now Mebi’s back to her moody self. Filled with envy of Debi and disgust for herself she lamented “in school i taught Debi every thing but she has a better job earning over ten times what i earn, i am more beautiful but she has a man who is taking her to UK to settle down..God where is your face? where will my help come from?” Mebi sunk back in her seat with heavy heart and great feeling of depression.

Suddenly, her phone rang. To her surprise it was Debi calling back. Mebi’s thought ran riot, “obviously she is calling back to make more fun of me and flaunt how better her life is than mine, i will ignore the call” Mebi concluded and after a while the ringing stopped.

Mebi started packing her stuffs, end of a day’s work, just then her phone went off again. “Haba! this girl again” she exclaimed. It’s Debi calling again. Mebi decide to pick this time.

“Hello Mebi! I just spoke with my boss, he said you can come and resume tomorrow, you will have my job, since I am resigning tomorrow. i told him you are the most intelligent and diligent person I know and he agreed you can have the job, with more benefits than i enjoyed because i told him you will need more to be convinced to take the job… Hello! hello!! are you there?” Debi asked because of the silence at the other end of the call. Mebi still in shock, “yes i am!” trying to assimilate the news. “Are you serious Debi?” Mebi questioned. “Yes i am or you don’t want the job?” Debi now really struggling to digest the great news. “I want o, in fact I’ll be the first person there tomorrow before i come and resign here and pay them off”. “Okay dear, see you tomorrow” Debi concluded and hung up.

Mebi could not believe her ears, “God is this how miracle comes? So I too will earn six figures monthly? Chai! Thank God o and thank you Debi” she went on and on with excitement as she could no longer hold her joy.

That was how the fortune of Mebi changed forever, from a source she least expected.

1. You don’t have all the problems in the world. You may not be where you want but lots of people are praying for what you have.

2. Help won’t necessarily come from a face you like or someone with a pleasant attitude. God works in mysterious ways.

3. Don’t write anyone off as being useless and arrogant, learn to tolerate others excesses after all no one is perfect.

4. Keep helping others even when they don’t appreciate. Remember God keeps a perfect record and He is an excellent rewarder of good deeds.

5. There might not be a perfect story and often happy endings may seem more of fairytale but when you put your trust in God, He never disappoints.

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