Crisp Note Test

Crisp Note Test (Your Value)


Pick a crisp note, say a N1000 or $100 check the value to confirm its worth, then squeeze it, step on it, use it to wipe the table, do all sorts to it. When you are through confirm the value again. You will see that despite all you have put the currency note through the value did not change.

You are just like the currency note, no matter what life dishes you, your value will never reduce. Something more beautiful is that you are even a step ahead of the currency note because with each experience you get better, you grow in leaps and bounds, you take the lessons and transformed them to blessings.

Life will test you, friends will betray you, you will fail, you will be mocked, people will deny you, your faith will be shaken but in all these if you don’t question your value, you will stand tall in the end. Failures, lacks, bad experiences, terrible childhood may be what you have passed through but they don’t define who you are, only your value can do that.


To build your value you have to do the following:.
1. Believe in yourself. Trust your instincts, recognise your talent(s) and build it/them. You may not hit the mark at your first attempt but if you keep trying you will eventually hit and surpass your target.

2. Be prepared. Prepare and position yourself for what you desire. Don’t let no one discourage  you, don’t listen to nay sayers, people say it is impossible because they can’t do it, but you can, you are born to do great exploits, you have been prepared for it and you will do it.

3. Trust God. His plans for you are to prosper you and to give you eternal life. If you trust in Him then you will never doubt yourself because You are His master piece. You possess the values to prosper, He has endowed you according to His riches in glory and life’s circumstances can not change that.

You are unique in your own way, let no one tell you otherwise. Trust what God has put in you, don’t bury your gift, develop it, polish it, refine it, package it and let it blosom into something biggger than you.

No matter how hard life tries to pull you down don’t forget who the true you is; your value never goes down, it keeps appreciating.

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