Tom, Dick and Harry

Tom, Dick and Harry


Thomas, Dickson and Harrison are 3 boys in a school called Living-In Free Education. They like very student in the school came with nothing but hoped to achieve excellence before passing out. In the school they are allowed to have school parents who are senior students, they act as guide. These 3 boys lived independent life of their own and all achieved result of what they lived.

Thomas, a very out spoken boy, had school parents who are doing well, but Thomas was never serious. He doesn’t study neither would he listen to teachings. He sees the school as one big party. When his school parents try to warn him he just tells them it is his own education. In the end he failed exams after exams and he remained on the same spot till he was advised to withdraw.

Dickson is a very loving boy and subtle in approach. He had comfortable school parents. Dickson like Thomas partied too during the semester but when exams approach he does quick reading and goes back to his school parents for guidance. With each exam he passed like an average student, even when he didn’t do well he kept on pushing till he graduated like an average student.

Harrison is very devoted to his studies, though he finds time to party if need be but in moderation. His school parents love him because he listens to their every word even though he doesn’t accept all especially those that are not in accordance with what he has been thought in class. Harrison passed all his exams in style, in the end achieved excellence and was celebrated.

We are all a student of Living-In Free Education (LIFE), our parents are our school parents who are to guide us. The exams are life’s tests; some of us are prepared for them by reading scriptures and learning from others before us while others see life as one big party. In the end when trials come, the party type breaks down and wallow in self pity but the prepared ones find solace in what they have learnt and this takes them through the trials as a better person.

Today you can examine yourself how do you take life? Are you a Thomas, a Dickson or a Harrison? We all have a choice to be a better person irrespective of our background, past experience or mistakes. Even when we have failed in certain areas, we can still pick ourselves up and move on. The sweetest stories of success start with the roughest of roads.

P.S. Thank you all for taking your time to read and my special appreciation goes to everyone that has been influenced in the right direction through this page. May God’s mercy never cease on us.

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