Mistakes are series of errors in judgement which often cost us much; immediately or some time in the future. Some are just plain risk bore from decisions we take without having all the required information; like trusting a new friend, going into a business, building an idea, breaking new grounds, making assumptions about incidents or just common day to day errors. When it pays off people call it luck or brilliance but when it doesn’t they call it mistake or failure.


A friend of mine will always say, “it is better to be safe than sorry”, and so true she is safe but not making progress, i am sorry to say. With her life and many others like her, who like to be safe, who don’t want to make mistakes, I have come to understand that without mistakes there can’t be progress. When our fear for mistakes keeps us from trying new ideas, we will remain at the same point for a long time.

Someone said, “My mistakes are no failures, just lessons on how not to do things and they have made me better”. Are you scared of making mistakes or you have made and now you are finding it difficult to move on? Let me tell you this, “Mistakes make you better”. Check the life of people who have claimed not have made mistakes before, you would see they wallow on the same spot, not neccessarily poor but surely without achievements.

Mistakes are not as bad as people would want to paint them for you. Do you know that without mistakes there won’t be inventions? The secret is that you don’t tie your life down to one mishap, move on from it and be creative with the lessons. Don’t play on the sidelines because you don’t want to make mistakes, else you would only feed from crumbs when you have potentials to dine from the main dish.

Yes, you can minimize your mistakes by learning from people who have gone through similar transitions, you can read books, biographies, scriptures etc. These doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes of your own,  but it would be minimal. Mistakes pave way for self discoveries, self defining and self awareness. Mistakes teach you about yourself. I don’t want you to live your life running scared of making mistakes, no mistakes means no discoveries.

When you realize you have made mistakes, when it clear you have fallen, please don’t stay too long on the floor, don’t stay there on the ground of self-pity condemning yourself for the mistake(s). Stand up, dust off the shame and move on. Don’t be scared of making more mistakes, you will get better and eventually breakthrough like Edison, put feet out even if they are wrong, eventually you will get it right like Lincoln. Like those before you learn from those mistakes and never slowdown nor give up.

Show me someone who has not made mistakes and i will show you a living dead.

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