Mentors and Models

Mentors and Models

We are all unique, made of special yet dependent talents, which to be developed and shaped, before they can set us apart, to make the difference and fulfill the purpose of God. No matter how good you are, you need people around you who can make you better. To improve you can’t stop learning, special needs to become extra-special.


Success is not an individual effort, it is more of collective input. Many people will cross your path; some you have to let go off while others you have to hold on to and let them motivate you, like mentors and models.

A model is an icon who represents an idea or belief while a mentor is someone through communication and way of life guides you through life. Whoever, we select to play these roles in our lives, will to a large extent determine how we will end up. I remember back in the days when our models where thugs-blackamerican rap stars, we imbibed violence and many lost their lives or got scarred for life. Bill Clinton got inspired to be a president when he met John F. Kennedy, president and a model while Cliton was growing…the effect of whom you choose.

Who is your mentor? Who is guiding you through life? Who are your role models? TV charaters with false lives, successful entreprenurs or religious icons? It is your decision to make.

It is clear we can’t live life in isolation, in spite of our speciality, we are still inter-dependent. Reach out and learn from people ahead of you while you also help to guide people coming behind you. Let’s shape the world together.

Choose and choose wisely

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