5 Things You Need To Start

#Checklist: 5 Things You Need To Start

“It remains nothing till you do something, leave a dream too long unattended to and it becomes a nightmare.”

Action is said to be the difference between where you are and where you want to be. However there are 5 major things in my opinion you need before you can start the pursuit of your dreams.


1. Will
Logic finds it difficult to understand the “Will” concept but that is what makes us humans. Will or willingness needs not be rational, conforming or be popular but so far as you Will it, you will find a way. To activate your dreams you have to be willing to pursue it with every of your resources. When you are willing to make something work, no matter the challenges  that come your way you will still push ahead. It is said that if you desire success as much as you desire to live, then success becomes as easy as breathing.

2. Knowledge
Knowledge is the key to unlock doors of opportunities. Whatever you want to go into you need all the information you can get about it; how others did it, their failures, their successes, their mistakes, their brilliant ideas etc put all these together and see how you can improve. Read, observe, pray and learn! Impossibility is a child of ignorance, knowledge always provides a way.

3. Blueprint
Many brilliant ideas die because we never put them into writing. We all have this moment of brilliance but only the few that are able to write theirs down get the chance to work on them. Put your dreams down, constantly go back to it (them) and see how you can improve. Your blueprint will be your guide when you finally want to implement those brilliant thoughts.

4. Capital
You need to first realize that it is wise to start small so that you don’t fail big. Consider the least amount you need to start, then divide it to the smallest raisable amount. Look at shares for instance, if they want to raise $5billion all they need to do is to offer for sale 5billion shares at $1 each. So if you want to raise $3000, you can look for 15 friends and family who can spare $200 without asking too much questions. However, know that you need healthy contacts to pull this off.

5. Faith
Faith is that inner strength that would keep you going in the face of defeat. Faith helps activate miracles, luck, favour and positive coincidence. When you have faith you will be able to endure, be persistent, be resilient and be resolute. We all need the super to help our natural to become supernatural and that is exactly what faith brings to the table.


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