Almost Doesn’t Count

Almost Doesn’t Count


I will give it all I have got, I will do what I must do, no compromise on my faith but eyes fixed on my goals. I will not rest till I am celebrated and no sleep till my name is written among the stars, no nearly for me because I know, almost doesn’t count.

Almost doesn’t count, everyone knows that. There is only one position and that is the first position. No one remembers those who almost made it or those that came close but the names of winners are sung all over.


Life is a race, not against one another but against time. I have so much planned but I have limited time, no matter how close I get before my time ends, it counts for nothing if I did not get there because almost doesn’t count.

Almost doesn’t count, nearly counts for nothing, efforts without result is failure and dreams need to become reality before they count for success. I will keep pushing, I will keep praying, I will persevere and I will not procrastinate, with God on my side I promise I will prosper.


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