Attitude that Brings Success

Attitude that Brings Success

Some say life is fair while others believe life is unfair but my truth is, life is life and your attitude determines your altitude; how you will see life and how far you will go in life.


Life starts from our birth, then comes things we expect, things we don’t expect, love, pain, sacrifice, need, confusion and convinction but what sets us apart is how we deal or accept these things; how we welcome a particular situation and how we move on from it.

Our attitude plays a big role in determine where we will most likely end. For instance, two orphans, one ends up as a priest the other as an armed robber…they both had tough times growing up but one had a positive attitude to things and embraced the few good things life offered him while the other lost his goodness to the darkness life dished him.


Your attitude can either be positive or negative.”

Ingredients of Positive Attitude


In the paper, “The Power of Positive Attitude Can Change Your Life”, Remez Sasson listed 6 ingredients of positive attitude which I will breakdown as simple as possible here.

¶ Positive thinking: Think positively, in spite of whatever life throws at you, stay positive. Don’t think of inflicting pains on others and you don’t need to make life difficult for others to get even with life. Be positive, seek happiness and put smile on others’ faces because like you, they have their own problems too.

¶ Constructive thinking: don’t focus too much on the problem and how difficult things are about to get, rather focus on solutions, way out, how to create a soft landing and ease the difficulty.

¶ Creative thinking: Creativity is the mother of all inventions and inventions usher in success. Inventions are as a result of neccessity, need to solve a problem and it only takes a creative mind to do these. When you are creative, success can’t be far off.

¶ Optimism: Optimism is hope in practice. A man’s life ends not when he dies but when he looses all hope. It is good to be a realist but it’s even better to be an optimist. There is miracle in everything around us and that should be the foundation of our optimism.

¶ Be motivated: Don’t let what you are passing through demoralize you, know that if it is night surely morning will come. Motivate yourself to stand strong, to believe in yourself, to stage a comeback each time you fall short. If your Will becomes too low, read motivationals, listen to speeches, read the scriptures and find your faith again.

¶ Focus your energy: there are lots of energy in and around us, focus all this energy on your goals positively. When you radiate positive energy, your life will attract positive happenings.

¶ Stay happy: Happiness is not what people or things can give you, it is a state of mind that is achieved based on personal decision. Whatever life dishes you, you can decide to stay happy, little wonder you see genuine smile on the face of a homeless man and you find out some rich men can’t even put up a convincing chuckle.

I always maintain that success is subjective but no matter what definition you give your ‘success’, it must include your happiness and the happiness of those around you, and these can only be guaranteed by “good attitude”.

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