Did Mama Lie?



I recall today The loving voice of Mama Whisper cautiously into my tender ears To always cut my coat according to my size:

“Son, think not much of tomorrow Be contended with the little you have For those who seek to be wealthy, piece their hearts with many sorrows…”

But in my closet I craved and dreamt The path to wealth that will piece not mine heart with sorrows

I rebelled, secretly against Mama’s tender counsel To be content with my little per time

In my dream I saw a shark Happy in a little aquarium, never growing bigger than its glassy confines. But taken later into the ocean It started to grow unend, far bigger, richer than it could ever attain if left in his little aquarium.

Yet the shark was happy in the ocean, So much so as in the aquarium, Indeed, far more so.

But Mama told me That riches come with many sorrows, Yet the shark in my dreams grew richer, and I saw no sorrows.

Now I’m grown A father with kids to raise.

Now I look back and ruminate on those tender Mama’s words. And saw that it is not wealth that pierces the heart with sorrows, But how you thread to acquire the wealth.

Indeed, several routes lead to wealth, But many are tarred with blood and con, And many are they that thread therein, For the road is broad and the speed is fast, But the end thereof is sorrow; That which Mama warned me about.

Yet, One other route leads to wealth And very few thread therein, For the road is narrow and the speed is slow, But the end thereof is peace of mind.

So I resolve To vacate this aquarium And journey into the ocean. For no matter how hard I work I can grow not bigger than this limiting confines.

Now in my quest for the top I will thread the slow narrow road; Of hard work and creativity, Of dignity and honesty, Of probity and integrity, Of Godliness and diligence, So that when my ship berths, I will perch with peace of mind And sleep apeace with mine eyes closed.

Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese Akure.


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