√ You cannot out-give God, when you give in His name, He is bound by His Words to bless you in return, beyond your imagination. This is irrespective of your faith.

√ If it is not meeting a need turn it into a seed. Why keep  single grain when you can plant it and harvest  a field. Rather than stack it for rodents to spoil it, give it out and be blessed.

√ You have never started living till you give someone that can’t repay you because at that point you stop being selfish man and start being the selfless  image of God, your creator who gave you life not because He owes you but because He loves you.

√ Folded hands can’t receive, you need to open your hands through  giving, that way you will provoke receiving. Don’t hold on to the little you have like the foolish farmer who ate all his harvest forgetting he has to plant some so he can harvest next season.

√ When you don’t give from the little you have, God will not try you with plenty because He knows you wouldn’t still give. Like an habit, if can’t give when you have little, you won’t give when you have so much.

√ Giving is never about how much you have, it is about how far you are willing to go to put smiles on other people’s faces, how selfless you are and how much you want to be a blessing than being blessed.

√ Don’t give for the sake of pride, don’t give because you want to keep making reference to it, don’t give because you want someone to be indebted to you…Give because God has ordered you to keep doing good.

√ It is narrow minded to think giving is all about money. Giving is about showing love; you can give a hug, your attention, your time, give compliment, your good words, your understanding….the goodness of God in you.

√ If all you think about is how you can have more you will never be happy but when you start thinking of how you can give more then your joy becomes boundless, aside from God increasing you, the joy on their faces would provoke an eternal happiness for you.

√ When you sow, you will reap; when you plant, you will harvest. When you focus on being a blessing, God will workout you being blessed. You have to start giving first before abundance starts coming your way. If you bless the poor, you are lending to God. And the God I know never stays long indebted to anyone…He pays and He pays big.


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