Good Relationship

If you think relationship is about good times, loving memories, quality times shared then you have to think again.
If you believe relationship is about soft spoken words, lovely gifts and outings then you need to check your believe
If you dream relationship to be your favourite love story, your movie fantasy or sensual musical lyrics then you need to wake up
If you were told relationship is pretty as a rose, sweet as honey or soft as bunny then you have heard wrong.


You think I’d leave your side baby
You know me better than that
You think I’d leave you down when you’re down on your knees
I wouldn’t do that

The heart is always true but the truth is dependent on time; past, present and future; what is now may not be later
Words of mouth are as real as the shadow, they often disappear when the scares of the night looms.
Promises are like air, easy to bag in a balloon but delicate to handle because the slightest puncture sets them loose
A show of affection now are like a bird in the hand know one knows for how long it will stay in the hand

Relationship is for the matured, for people who are more independent, less worried and very selfless.
Relationship requires sacrifice, restructuring, understanding, patience and trust even when you see otherwise
Relationship should be build on strength not weaknesses, should revolve round knowing and not spotting the difference
Relationship goes beyond loving, beyond tolerance, beyond trusting, beyond acceptance, it is about fusion, meshing of body and soul.

Be patient, be prayerful, be peaceful, be protected and be persuaded to have a standard of choice
Be lively, be loyal, be loving, be laudable and be liberated from illusions and sheer fantasies
Be happy, be hopeful, be healthy, be holy and be helpful to yourself by doing proper findings
There is someone for everyone, be careful, choose wisely and don’t be fooled by materials.

Good relationship is worth waiting for!

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