I Can


I know sometimes it seems as if you are destined for no good, often times the trend of events suggest you are not just good enough. To make it even worse, people will tell it to your face how big a failure you have been and they will highlight past events in your life to prove how often you had fallen below expectations. These are where you have been, these are what had happen to you, these are lives you have lived but one thing is for sure, these are not what you are.

We have tendencies to want to stay down after a big fall, pessimism suggests, ‘he who is down fears no fall’, then we want to remain down so we don’t experience further disappointments. When people tell us what they think of our life and their interpretation of how shameful it has always been, we fall into the doldrum life of dejection and self pity while we loose the essence of living all together. These are opinions, some with facts and even others with figures but someone’s opinion
doesn’t have to our reality. Those things might have happened but we can make sure they are only history and not our story.

Dreams and ambition quickly die when one looses faith, the urge to take on challenges fizzle away when confidence is lost. Like a dog many would turn tail after a let down and without a fight back they mistake distraction for destination. If there is a thing they say you can’t do, that would only be true if you agree with them, if they say it is impossible for you then that will be so if you believe it is more than your Will can sustain. The difference between what you are and who you are, is how far you are willing to go. You can surpass all your limitations if you open your heart to the boundless strength within you. You are who you think you are, the rest are just shadows of your fears.

Don’t be defined by the limitations others have set for you. You could have weaknesses but then you can master your strengths and manage your weaknesses. Even if everyone says you can’t, the only vote that count is yours which should be saying “I CAN”


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