It is Only a New Year When There is a New You


Yeah! It is a new year, lots of excitement, promises and resolutions but wait a minutes, take away all these and it is just another day. The Sun still rises from the east, the seconds hand of the clock still going at the same old pace and our live still where we left it day before, Ugh!

But there is a chance we can change things and make the new year truly new.

Nothing might have changed but a new day gives a fresh start, a new year provides potential for a new beginning. Life never stops though but time changes and with those changes come what we have always hoped for, a better tomorrow. However, nothing will change if we don’t change; our attitude, our relationship, our believes, the way we go about our dreams, our contacts, our day to day schedule and ultimately our life should head towards perfection.

Our perception must change, they say, ‘only a fool does a thing same way and expects a different result’. If we have been foolish all this while then now is time to wise up. If there are things that had hindered us before now, then this is the time to let them go. We need to break free of all the shackles holding us down and launch into the horizon that is breaking before us. Things have to be different, don’t remain in the dark because you do not know what lies in the light. For the new year to bring the difference you have always prayed for, you also have to do things differently.

It is only a new year when there is a new you, when you have decided to move closer to perfection by changing those things that have continually set you back. Even if, last year was good for you by improving yourself you will make this new year better. Improving is not a day thing, it is a continuous process towards perfection. It is not a day resolution but a day by day revolution.

Here are few things I think should change:

Δ Request less and thank more, with man and with God
Δ Act on your ideas more, don’t be discouraged. It is better to start little than not to start at all.
Δ Spend more time listening to God than talking to Him. He has a lot He wants to tell you, spend more time meditating in His Words.
Δ Stop acting based on hearsays. People are always out to call a dog a bad name so they can maim it. Filter all you hear on the screen of truth.
Δ Save more than you spend, give more than you request and ensure you leave everyone with a smile more often.
Δ Revenge is not yours, lighten up your burden and forgive no matter what but learn from every betrayal and be wiser.
Δ Know what is personal, understand what is for public, hold your life dear to your heart.
Δ Try something new, be creative, even if an idea seems dumb once you believe in it, you can make it work. Listen more to your gut feelings.
Δ Have your priorities right and don’t loose your focus. People don’t have to understand why it is so, let your results do the explanation.
Δ Read more, listen more and don’t pass on any opportunity to learn new things, for knowledge is key and information is wealth.
Δ Be a person of yourself more than ever before, don’t be distracted by others’ exorbitant lifestyles. Like flashy things but don’t let them rule your life.
Δ Believe more, trust less, be more religious, have a little more faith, trust God like never before and never forget that all things are possible because in your life nothing is impossible.

This year is yours for the taking, go out and conquer.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am also a blogger who blogs about all things motivational. Feel free to check it out. It’s so great to stumble upon bloggers who want to motivate others. I am looking forward to your next post 🙂


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