Some Things Take Time

Healing takes time, change takes time and miracle is a process. We often are in so much hurry that we miss the good all together. We want a decadence and pain of many years reversed in a moment but too often things don’t work like that.

A lady shared her experience and I think it is relevant to my motivational words for you today. She said one day she was rushing home from work apparently to fix dinner. As she swung the door, it smashed into her little boy’s face and the boy in agonizing pain burst into tears.  She apologized but the boy won’t stop screaming then she got angry and demanded the boy stop crying at once after all what was he doing behind the door and moreover she had apologized. Then the boy replied, “mum because you said sorry doesn’t make it less painful and because I was wrong standing behind the door doesn’t make it right for you to swing the door so hard without caution. I know you are sorry and I understand but some things take time” At the point the mother just stood up, dumbfounded, remorseful and truly sorry,  and she hugged her little boy so tight.


Too often we expect our being sorry to heal the broken heart, the physical hurt, the broken promises, the betrayal, the lack of trust, the lack of understanding, the taking for granted and so on but in reality being sorry doesn’t make it less painful. Healing takes time so also mending of broken fences and rebuilding of life. A wrong of many years can’t be fixed by the snapping of fingers just because we have realized the things we have done wrong. Change takes time.

When we pick up our lives and hand it over to God, things definitely change for the better but most people expect magic rather than miracle. It is true you have repented, changed your ways but that doesn’t make things you did in your past right and because you didn’t know what you were doing then doesn’t make them less evil. Yes, all things have become new but healing takes time.

I want you to take a break, stop trying too hard, let the process run its course. I understand your life needs to be at the next level but it is neither something you can rush. Your life is like the little boy, it is hurt and you, like the woman, are trying to make things right but then like the little boy needs time to get over the pain,  your life needs time to fall back on the right track and for this to happen,  you need to embrace your life and give it time to heal.  So also in dealing with people you have hurt, you need to give them time to rehabilitate.

Remember, great things take time, the question is, “Are you ready to wait?”

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