Dear Reader,

This is a letter you must to read…a must!


Dear Creative Soul,

Thanks for the time we have shared together in times past. The laughter. The tears and the successes that came afterwards. I had no doubt we were going places, after all. I particularly love your zest to life. All things bright and beautiful, so you once told me.

However, I think we may be derailing lately. And I’m sure you don’t even notice. We have been falling apart and here are the pieces of us left. I’m summoning the courage to put them together as I write you this letter.

First of all, what happened to our dreams? Yea. Those dreams that lit your eyes in the dark. Those dreams that woke you up at night. What really happened to them? Are they now out of reach? What on earth made you shut the door on them? I bet you forgot that they were merely dreams. They…

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