Letter to My Sons

Dear Sons,

I hope this letter meets you well. I am sure by now you have had lots of unanswered questions, lots of thoughts to ponder over and lots of mysteries the knowledge of book cannot solve. Well, I am here for you but before you get all excited, let me point out to you that I have not come to tell you how to live your life or how to avoid all the problems that comes with living and neither have I come with a one-solution to all life problems however if you are patient to read, you will see life in a whole new clearer perspective.


Sons, life is not easy neither is it fair but life is still what we make it. Whatever life dishes you, remember that doesn’t define you but how you handle it, says a lot about you. If life gives you lemons, boys, make lemonade; if life gives you rock use it to build good shelter; but if life gives you all the good things at first time of asking, my babies please don’t get cocky, invest as much as you can, help people as much as you can and never forget to be thankful as much as you are prayerful.

My Chaps, love is a complex thing. I pray, you both will find a woman that will love you, like a mother loves her child. Movies and Novel will paint love for you in different colours, learn to understand that fiction is different from reality. When wealth comes a million and one ladies will promise heaven on earth, they will throw at your feet the best of behaviours but like the smoke in the can, if you are observant you will see their true colours. You will fall for beauty, your heart will be confused by what your eyes see but boys, never leave your head out, when it comes to making the final choice of whom to marry.

I know I raised you well to have faith in God and in people but you also have to understand that though God will be faithful, people will not always be. My dears, “love all, trust few and wrong none”, as much as practicable. Always try to see the good in everyone, even when people wrong you, your first thought should be, “they must have their reasons”. Don’t be in haste to judge no matter how hurt or excited you get. Know that for every reaction their must have been an action. You will make enemies for sure, it is compulsory if you are on the path of success, but don’t let that give you sleepless nights, it is just natural.

As you must have learned that education will not answer all your questions, that is why I urge you never to stop acquiring knowledge wherever or whichever form it may come. Have mentors, read books, listen when people talk, meditate on everything you have learned and don’t neglect the words of God. I know you both have minds of your own but trust me, it is wise not to neglect the counsel of the elders. You will see people who are better than you, don’t despise them, rather move closer to them and see what you can learn. Even when these people occupy positions lower than yours never be too arrogant to stretch a hand of fellowship, you will be better for it.

Boys, I want you to always remember that when it seems no one is listening, their is always a God who is willing. No matter what tribulations or circumstances or storms life may throw your way never ever question the existence of God. If you read my stories very well you will realize I made my mistakes too but they made me wiser. My loves, you will make yours too, you will learn some lessons the hard way, your mistakes will come with consequences and yes some will make you wish you weren’t born but if you do not forsake God, He will come through for you and turn your mistakes to testimonies.


Finally my angels, know that you have different paths to follow but never forsake one another. Let nothing come between you; not money, not women, not status, not friends, not emotions, not religion, not conviction and not even life. When you are together, like a bunch of brooms you become formidable, difficult to breakdown and a team to reckon with. Love one another more than life and always have one another’s back. I know you have different characters, understand the uniqueness in your individualism, use it to your advantage, complement one another and let there be no cracks on the wall of your brotherhood.

I love you boys, I wish I can be with you forever, I wish I can always be there to set your feet on the right path but life wasn’t meant to be lived forever. I trust you will always make me proud. Love you more than life itself.

Your Dad.

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