I Don’t Have A Choice

I Don’t Have A Choice

” I Don’t Have A Choice”…This is a little lie we tell ourselves each time something happens, which could have been avoided, if we had made better choice(s).

Choices are different ways a particular event could have been handled and in real life situations it is absolutely impossible to have just one option. Choices could either be easy or hard. What many people call “No Choice” is simply the absence of “an Easy option”. Hard choices often require more energy, overcoming fears, humility, faith, lots of brain activities, controlled emotions, self-sacrifice, self-discipline and hope. Easy choices require less or nothing and often times it produces nothing extra-ordinary.


Two different houses were robbed sometime ago, after taking the possessions of the people in these two houses, the robbers demanded to sleep with the wives before their husbands, at gun point. The husband in the first house did not put up a fight, because he felt at gun point he had no choice, so he allowed them rape his wife and the robbers left. However, the husband in second house, resisted the robbers despite the guns, he was shot at and because of the screams and pandemonium that followed, the robbers fled without raping his wife.

After the incident, the first house never remained the same. The husband could not look at his wife again neither could the wife forgive her man for allowing the robbers to have her, they divorced after some time and the kids were shared.  In the second house,  though the man now limps, his wife and his kids love and respect him more, he became the hero of his family and a confidant of his wife because he made the hard choice.

Yes it is not easy to make the hard or tough choices but then it will always set you apart.

Many people complain about their current jobs but still they don’t resign, telling themselves, ‘I have no choice’; many are trapped in a bad relationship and they hang on, saying, ‘I have no choice’; some keep doing shameful things and they know it is shameful but they tell themselves, ‘I have no choice’; someone insults you and you fight back, saying, ‘I have no choice’; all my friends are bad, giving my life to Christ will make me look silly, see ‘I have no choice’…

Dear reader, we all have choices and because a choice is hard doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Heroes, Legends, Martyrs, Extra-ordinary people, Successful entrepreneurs, World leaders, great icons have all made the hard choices many times in their lives and if you intend to be amongst them you have to learn to start making some tough choices too. Everything in life requires making choices but for the best things of life, you need to make the hard choices. Take the bold steps, make the right choices no matter how difficult they might seem and life itself will reward you.

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