Scary, Cruel But True

Scary, Cruel But True

People say life is unfair, some say life is cruel, few say life is good but to me, I feel life is life and if you play by the rules, your chances of getting hurt will be slim. I guess maybe my view is due to few facts I have grown to know over the years,  so I will share them with you and let you be the judge of what life really is.


1. Life is give and take. People most often will only give to you because they expect something in return. What they expect in return may be physical such as money, gratification, sex, labour, etc or non-physical things, like loyalty, publicity, fame, being worshipped etc. Also these applies to the law of sow and reap, when you give you shall receive.

2. The higher you go the less real friends you will have. Friends are rare when you are at the top, what you have mostly are colleagues, parasites and sycophants. Here’s the downside, most friends wants you to be on the same level with them, so when you become successful most of them are intimidated and they disappear, while the rest will go because of distance and time.

3. You will be used. People with ulterior motives will come to you in the name of religion, passion, tribe, language, freedom etc and you will trust them but then they only use you. If you are wise you won’t be fooled the second time but if not you will die for someone else’s greed in the name of “fighting true cause”.

4. Life is like a showbiz. You remain relevant to people so long as they gain something from you. Bad news and immoral things will always get more attention. When you become too demanding people will see you as a pin in the butt. If you want to always stay ahead, you have to keep reinventing yourself or else you become a stale news. If you stop giving the show, you stop commanding the attention.

5. Life will test you. You will be tested by events, people and situations. You will fail some but eventually learn, you will pass but eventually regret however in all it will make you better if you are focused. Disappointments will come from family and close allies, if you do not learn to take it in your stride, it may destroy who you are. You will see brilliant people beg, dumb people will excel, good trees will be fell while bad ones seems to live forever. You will want to conclude life is not worth it but if you understand these are all part of the tests, it would not destroy you.

6. You will find out you can’t please everyone. Hatred too often is not about attitude, no matter how good, polite or helpful you are people who wouldn’t like you will still not like you. Envy, backbiting, jealousy, contempt, transference are all part of life and there is hardly anything you can do to change them. Some bosses will see you as a threat, few family members will see you as competition, while close friends will see you as opposition. You can’t change their mind or actions but you can always survive it if you understand it is just life.

7. Life makes finances scarce for good cause. When you have life changing events to fund, money will be scarce, people will tell you, your timing is bad but when it is for fun and less important things, hidden treasures would miraculously find ways to the surface. That’s life telling you even the forces of availability would not want you to be successful but if you do not give up and you keep pressing forward you will find out that even a stone gate can melt.

8. Life will often favor the strong. The Strong will be stronger at the expense of the weak. Oppression, suppression, victimization and villlans will rule. The rich will get richer and poor if not careful will get poorer, the wise will make fool of the greedy and the upright would envy the corrupt. It is the way of the world but nothing last forever, not even the reign of terror, eventually good will find its voice.

9. Right is subjective and not absolute. The right or wrong argument will amaze you. Many will choose not see the truth, some will argue against it because of gains and passion, while others would just not see it no matter how blinding it shines then you will understand the eyes only see what the eyes want to see. You can’t convince a made up mind, put your argument in actions and not words… A deaf man cannot hear no matter how loud you scream.

10. Humans are designed to believe. People will always believe in something. Some will deny it while others will brandish it. God, money, passion, people, system, living and non-living things are few of what people believe in. Man can’t but believe, just that we choose what to believe. It is wise not to judge anyone based on this because if you truly understand life, you will know it is nature’s call, we are all bound to answer though in different pitch sounds.

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