Visions of Greatness

Visions of Greatness

We are all created for greatness
But not all can achieve greatness
The price is too high to pay not all would afford it
Nobody ever became somebody by doing the usual things
It takes the extra to become extraordinary

Innovation is the mark of greatness
Clear vision and risk taking are keys to success
Greatness is not about wealth or popularity
It is not a chance of occurrence
It is not the sound you hear when you have done nothing


It is about making positive impact on your generation
Greatness inspires others to fulfil their potentials
While bringing about the essence of living
Purposefulness and concise efforts well channeled
To accomplish a vision only few dare to dream

Visionless can be likened to lifeless
Mediocrity giving an illusion of excellence
Nothing ventured, nothing lost, the ignorant says
It is better safe than sorry they whisper
But vision brings life and its risk, a reason to live on

Action comes with greatness, not mere wish or desire
The price of greatness is to risk failure and confront defeat
With determination and perseverance, Greatness is assured
If it can be dreamed, it can be achieved!
And you have all it takes.

Written By Basiru Adebayo Emmanuel
Picture Source : Quote Diary

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