The Lindaikeji™ Effect

The Lindaikeji™ Effect


Image Source: Instagram @Ugojesse

The trending news is Lindaikeji™ ‘s mansion in Banana Island, I could barely hear something else in the office today, and this has become a major inspiration to many people while others just felt blogging is the new pot of gold.

Well, here are some facts you must keep at the back of your mind.

1. She had a dream and refused to bow to poverty and frustrations.

2. This success was born out of consistency.

3. This wasn’t overnight, it was a gradual process that took a lot of years of being disappointed but not being discouraged.

4. She didn’t wait for a perfect time but she kept trying till things started shaping up.

5. She wasn’t scared of challenges, even in a man’s world she never gave in.


Now, I am not saying she is perfect or she has a perfect life, my point is, don’t just wish for her success or envy her achievements, realize it was a process and she came through it.

You can too!

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