Resolution Self-actualization

Resolution Self-actualization

Self actualization is moving from the realm of “what can I do?” to the realm of “what can’t I do?”.


The word “Perfect” was designed to make people feel inferior. No one is perfect, Perfect Christ ended on the cross. If you are gentle they call you slow, if you are sharp they call you rough, if you are friendly they call you a flirt, if you are keeping to yourself then they say you are a snub and if you just try to blend-in they conclude that you are confused. Don’t try to please anyone in the name of trying to be perfect. Just be yourself and be true to who you are, all other things will fall in line.

Change not because someone has asked you to, change because you have found reasons to, that way you will have reasons to hold on through the rigorous changing process. Also remember, don’t change because you want to be perfect, you might end up hating yourself when you realize perfection is a scam, change because you want to be a better you and that you can never regret.

It is easy to ask people to accept you for who you are but you have to be sure you actually know who you are that way you will have an idea of what you are asking others to accept. Without self-awareness there can’t be self-actualization.

The era of sitting back and watch event unfold is over, now if you want it done right you have to step up and influence. Evil hasn’t been triumphing over good because the devil is more powerful but because the good people have chosen to be silent. Now is time to break the silence, now is time to become influential and now is time to reach for the stars.

The best feeling is the joy that comes from helping. This feeling is priceless, if you have not felt it before then you have not been helping without expecting something in return. I think it is never too late to start.

Don’t just try to be you, be a better you. Don’t just look to be happy, make others happy. Don’t just hope to be blessed, seek to be a blessing. Attain a higher understanding of what you think know, don’t set limits to what you think you can achieve, make every day count for something. Don’t forget your life is a gift, live like you truly appreciate it.

It is a new start, the goal is self-actualization and the star of the show is you. You have to make it happen, no procrastination, no fears, no scepticisms, no blame game, no waiting till it is perfect. There is no good time to start but now, even when it seems the odds are not so good, remember actions are the best antidotes to doubts. Make a move, be adventurous, test new limits, jettison the box and think without boundaries, expand your coast, be the best you can be and even lots more. Don’t die with guilt of unaccomplished list. It is a New Year, it is the time for a New You!

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