Value of Time

Value of Time

I know you have big dreams and sometimes it looks as if they will not to come to pass, I understand this feeling too but I want to ask you, “what are you doing with the gift of time you’ve been given?” You need to give yourself time by being diligent, you don’t have to rush things, yet you have to understand that every second counts. If you manifest before your actual time I’m afraid you might soon be forgotten and if you manifest too late you might never reach self-actualization before your time passes. How you value and use your time will greatly determine when and how your manifestation will be. You need to invest your time in productive things, plan your dreams, set goals, be determined and be consistently persistent.


Every man who has a dream will pass through two phases;
The NURTURING PHASE: this is the phase where you start nursing your dreams. This is where you have to get creative, imagining where you want be and how you can get there. You pen down all you need, to achieve your desired dream; the qualifications, the certifications, the experience, the set of people you have to relate with and the kind of places you have to be. Your resolve will be tested, your competence will be challenge and there will be difficulties. At this phase, you need mentor(s), people who can guide you and help you form. People who can curb your excesses, manage your youthful exorbitance and prune you to the right shape. Time is very valuable at this phase, if you don’t get all that is required of you to fulfill your dream in the shortest time possible, it will delay you from reaching the next stage.

The MANIFESTATION PHASE: this phase comes when your good dream starts to manifest. At this point, you must have acted on all you have planned, you would have failed a couple of times, but eventually you will start to get it right. Then people starts to celebrate you, recognise you and recommend you. This stage is where you stare at success, hold it in your hands and keep watch so that it doesn’t consume you. Life gets a little complex, decisions have to be made within the shortest time possible and there will be pressure from all angles. Time seems so inadequate, you want more than 24hours in a day and then you have to be in more than one place at a time.

There is something between the Nurturing and manifestation phase and that is “TIME”. The obvious truth is that your dreams will not come to pass in one day, like all good things, it takes time. One great investment God gave every human being equally is time, it is how productive your time is that determines how and when your manifestation will take place.  A lot of people spend their own time complaining, worrying and wallowing in self-pity,  all these are rocking chairs they don’t take people anywhere. Your time has to be invested productively and just because you failed the first time you attempted something does not mean you are a failure, you need to try again but this time smartly.


God is not a magician but a miracle worker, He doesn’t bless empty hands. He blesses the works of our hands and products of our labour. So stop being so lazy, you need to wake up and invest your time in something productive. Every great man is a good investor of time; Sportsmen spend time training, Artist spend lots of time rehearsing most times doing same thing over and over again, Entrepreneurs keep brainstorming to find new businesses to go into, inventors keep wondering what other problems can be solved profitably while other professionals invest quality time in research all in a bid to improving themselves… Successful people are never lazy because they understand the value of time.

It was Malcolm Gladwell who said in his book Outliers that “there are no geniuses, the world is filled with men who have dedicated their time in hours of practice to be a better person”. When you do same thing over and over again, you become a master or specialist at that thing. You have all it takes to succeed, stop complaining and start working.


Charles Darwin said “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of time” you need to stop wasting your time and energy on irrelevant things, you need to get up and pursue your dreams. Your good dreams will definitely come to pass, it doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you should always be on your toes and keep moving forward. It’s not time to cry or complain, it’s time to move on and get value for every second you have got. You are a success don’t settle for less!

I believe in you!

Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

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