Meet the Mark, Exceed the Limit

Meet the Mark, Exceed the Limit

The cheetah is the fastest moving land animal. It survives in the animal kingdom with its speed and agility; which serves as both hunting and safety weapon. The cheetah is neither the biggest animal in its habitat nor the most skillful but what the Cheetah has, it makes the best of. The cheetah’s speed sets it apart and makes it outstanding. The cheetah exploits it’s ability to outrun other animals which comes very handy when hunting. When it captures a prey, it consumes it as quickly as possible, before other animals with greater strength intrude. The cheetah neither roars nor has a frightening appearance, therefore, It can be inferred that without its speed, the cheetah will be just another cat in the animal kingdom.


In the study of life and nature, many qualities can be adopted from lower animals and even plants; the caring nature of a monkey towards its infants, the tireless efforts of ants in obtaining food, the patience of the vulture, the never giving up attitude of rodents, the easy lifestyle of trees – obeying the wind and struggling for nothing yet providing shelter for anyone that comes close… Nature provides helpful tips for the successful living of humans. An interesting and challenging lesson can also be adopted from the cheetah’s life. The fact that it ran today and came out the fastest is not a reason for it not to run tomorrow or not put in all its best- a cheetah takes every challenge as another opportunity to prove itself.

A man who puts in all his resources and efforts into the actualisation of a goal will always make a difference. Today’s failure does not ascertain tomorrow’s failure, the same way today’s success does not guarantee tomorrow’s success. Everyday is unique in itself. The only help yesterday can render is the lesson it taught which becomes reference for tomorrow’s decisions. The life of the cheetah teaches man to fight for each day like it’s his last day, hold on to every opportunity like none other might come, take one’s chance as quickly as possible, push till limits are exceeded, set new records and not rely on yesterday’s success.


The major hindrance to continuous success is complacency. The notion of “people already know I am the best”. The cheetah does not allow that to consume it! Competition becomes difficult yet more exciting when one’s opponent is oneself, trying to better one’s own performance and being a better person on a daily basis. Knowing you can be better and aspiring to be, it is more satisfying to know that you have made a mark and set a pace. Fight everyday to better the person you were yesterday.

Meet the mark, exceed your limits, that’s how consistency can be achieved!

By AYODEJI, Oluwatosin Abiodun 

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