Mobile technology has found its way into the lifestyle of the modern day man. It is difficult to spend a day without using a mobile phone. Either as an alarm, to make calls, transact online businesses or to create and review memories, mobile phones will always come handy, anytime of the day. These phones run on software which coordinates their actions. The software is called an operating system. The model and internal specifications of the phone determines the operating system mounted on it. It could be JAVA, iOS, Android or Windows. However the operating system, with which a mobile phone operates, runs programs called applications (users prefer to call them apps). These apps make the phones interesting to its users.

The other day, I needed my phone for a particular purpose so, I downloaded an app that would render that service. In few minutes, I had the application on my phone. It looked really nice and the reviews of other users told me it was the best app that could work for what I needed. But just when I saw the button for the exact service I sought, I was disappointed with the response I got after clicking, it read,  “This feature is only available for the premium version, click here to buy now”. My bubble burst! I had thought it was a free app all along. While still thinking of my next move, a salient thought came to mind, “why can’t human beings think like these ‘lifeless’ applications?”


A lady gets into a romantic relationship this minute and the next thing we know, it’s all her brain can think about! She’s at his beck and call. She becomes his baby, girl, wife, cook, cleaner and even his nurse. She does everything a woman can do for a man…and she’s still at the level of a relationship. Then, she starts complaining, “we are not advancing!”, “he has not proposed”, “I don’t think he’s even thinking about marriage yet”. Please, why should he? Why pay for what I have had for free?, Why would I pay for an application when I can access all its features in its free version??? The lady does not know that some of those actions should only be given after the “premium version” has been purchased. A guy has a girlfriend and automatically assumes the role of her father, what else is he keeping to show after the “full-version” is purchased? Nothing! 

Love yourself, respect yourself. Never sell yourself short. Believe in yourself regardless of what other people think. You can accomplish anything, absolutely anything, if you set your mind to it.”—Marcus Allen

Most people (men and ladies) give it all at the ‘free version’ stage, this is the reason lots of relationships remain stagnant and why some other partners eventually break up when there’s nothing to look forward to, after a long courtship. Like the app, If you give it all at the “free version” stage, of course, hardly will anyone need to have the priced version. We youths, especially ladies should learn to put value on ourselves.  And if you have been giving everything at the free version level, it is not too late to say, ” dear, trial version has expired please purchase the full version to continue use!”. It is your life and you have to be in control.

“Worthless” people are not treated with care because there is nothing to lose if you lose them. The way you present yourself is often the way you will be accepted. It is hard to make people pay for what they have been enjoying for free. You are more precious than glittering stones you guard so jealously, so if you agree with me, then you will understand that you are the most precious asset you have; don’t sell yourself cheap!


Most likely, one day when my device  storage is overloaded, I would delete the application because it’s no longer of any importance since I never paid to get it, but the lessons will remain with me forever as I hope with you too. 

By AYODEJI, Oluwatosin Abiodun 

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