Life’s Decision: What Do I Do?

Life’s Decision: What Do I Do?

Picture these:
You just rounded off fabulous years of academics, you have served your nation as it is mandatory and now you have high hopes of what the future holds. Then you remember your Uncle Paul who finished some 5years ago but still lives with his parents because his job can’t pay the high rent. In the same thought, you remember Uncle Dan who got a job with oil servicing firm and now drives flashy cars and has a nice house at a choice location. Again you thought of Aunty Grace who is into interior decor and event planning, you just love her schedule as she is often free, a boss of herself and so rich….sigh! but then you can’t forget Aunty Rose who also went into personal business of Cake making and small chops, and still she begs for change whenever she comes around…

I hope you can relate with these pictures.


Life is about choices, decisions we make that permanently impact on our lives and some times impact on the course of history. Maturity and self awareness often present us with three major choices:

1. Do I go look for job?
2. Do I still further my education?
3. Do I start my own thing?

What we have seen of others and how they came out, too often leaves us confused about what next to do. The pictures above look too familiar; same thing one person did and got result often may not work for another, leaving the rest of us wondering which is the right path to take.

In this article, I will breakdown each of these options then I will leave you to make your own decision.

1. Do I look for job?
“Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson
Getting a job, any kind of job, is easy. All you have to do is to apply and be ready to take any amount you are offered. However, getting a good job means you have to prove you are better than every other person eyeing that same job. You must have the best qualifications, best certifications, best command of skills and presentations, and in some cases know a few more persons than your closest rival for the job. In the current economic situation, opportunities at these Blue Chipped companies are rear, recession has stiffen their desires to recruit more hands and the old hands have just refused to retire. The question now is, are you ready to compete for those good jobs like Uncle Dan or you will be comfortable with just any job like Uncle Paul?


2. Do I still further my education?
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
Anthony J. D’Angelo
Growth comes with learning and with learning comes the key to unlock opportunities. Furthering education in any book is a welcome development; it is investing in yourself, becoming more valuable and increasing your worth. However, you must have understood yourself, identified your values and known your current worth before you can say that you want to (grow) add something; this is the only sufficient reason to further your education. Furthering your education is not restricted to going for higher degrees, you can go for certifications, diplomas or just learn something new like a trade or how to use your talent better. Whether you want to get a job, start a career, use your talent or go into business, learning is imperative. From our mental pictures, Uncle Dan and Aunty Grace must have improved themselves significantly, one way or the other, which has made them above board but like I said earlier this must be done for the right reason. The question here is, if you think you need to further your education, is it for the right reason?

3. Do I start my own thing?
“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
Tony A. Gaskins Jr.
People often mistake chasing one’s dream for setting up one’s personal business, No Sir! Some people have the dream to work for a big company while others have the dream to own a big company; people have different dreams. Relating this to W. Edwards Deming’s rule of 3-97%, we can easily say only 3% will start their own business and employ the remaining 97% but you have to be sure which is your dream, is it to be among the 3% or the 97%? Note this, the fact that you have chosen to be part of the 97% doesn’t mean your dream is inferior and because you have decided to join the 3% doesn’t mean you are unrealistic. However, there is nothing as comforting as being your own boss and there is nothing as heart-troubling as knowing that being the boss means you are responsible for what you earn; it won’t be all fun and games. Your passion and your dreams might be the only fuel you are left with, when things don’t go according to plans, when people start condemning your choices and things seem destined for the rocks (the stage Aunty Rose is currently), and trust me, your Will will be tested before you start reaping the good of “your own thing” like Aunty Grace. So if you are thinking of starting your own thing, you need to ask yourself, “is that my dream and do I have the passion to endure the storm?”


You can be whatever you choose to be, but you first have to choose before you can be. Choose wisely, don’t let fear push you into settling for something less than you deserve and don’t let the noise of the crowd pull you into something you are not cut out for. There is something special about you, people might not see it yet but trust me, your light will definitely shine through.

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