Ever seen a worn-out tap? It continuously releases water even at its tightest adjustment. At intervals, the water runs out – either quick enough to make a pool or in slow succession that the last drop dries up before the next. Anytime you see the tap, it’s doing the same thing. If you place a bucket beneath the leakage, the observation becomes different. The tap does the same thing as always but the bucket bares witness to what is lost.

Let us liken this to life opportunities – have you ever missed an opportunity? Did you feel hurt about it like you have lost something important? Maybe or maybe not! Probably you had an assurance that something better was close, so missing this opportunity didn’t really matter to you. But did it happen again? Most likely! Can you take stock of your opportunities lost in one way or another? Just like placing a bucket beneath a leaking tap, you will realise how much you could have possibly gained cumulatively, if those deals were sealed, chances were taken, and those great ideas followed up.

Many of us disregard these little but important headways saying we await our golden opportunity.

Golden Opportunities are not some all glory written chances that drop from the skies, like people would have you believe, what makes an opportunity golden is how we utilize what is presented to us. Opportunities come in different shades; It could be a chance to meet someone, an avenue to mend fences in a relationship or attain more in life. The opportunities might come like droplets from a tap and dry away quickly like it was not as important as it seemed especially since another droplet is forming rapidly. As insignificant as it may appear, it increases the volume of unrecoverable chances when carefully analysed.

Nothing hurts more than the realisation of unutilized opportunities. So, cherish every drop of opportunity as much as you can, purse them with all you have got, nurture them like a mother would care for her baby and strive to make them count because they might be that golden move that makes all the difference.

By AYODEJI, Oluwatosin Abiodun 

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