The World Goes On Somehow


We all have problems, things that sometimes weigh us down, getting us to think late at night. But every morning we wake and go about our lives, smiling at those who or that which deserves a smile. It is not that we have forgotten the problems, I know I don’t, but they’ve just got time when they nag at us. We learn to live with these things, at least till we find solutions to them. Life must go on because no matter what happens, the world itself goes on somehow, and if we do not want to be left out we have to keep moving too.

Sometimes we love, and sometimes we trust. Sometimes in vain, love turns to hate. Sometimes deceiving thoughts, other times just mood swings. Then we go behind doors, shut from the world and cry. It hurts and we all know it but we have to be honest, as much as we want it, we cannot really promise that the cold wind would not blow. It definitely will blow but it does not spell an end. All we need to do is be strong and follow the glimpse of light because we must move on.

It is not childish or stupid to cry, even the most rigid of shoulders do fall. We just cannot continue to cry, like every other thing in life, crying also has its limit. We do not pause our life over something that is already out of our control, life does not follow logic, so we may not find the answers to all our whys and hows. It is quite unfortunate to lose what we hold so dearly; the heartbreak, the feeling of betrayal, the disappointment of failure, the shame of falling short but still life must go on.


Hug a friend, visit loved ones, call up a childhood friend, you will find them all worth having, and more than treasures. Then tick tock, the world goes on somehow and you not left behind.

Keep on being fair and just, hopeful and faithful, working and praying and soon a time will come when a thousand shall fall in your presence. God has not created us so that life will always be rosy, there will be tests, there will be rough patches and there will be stormy nights but then there will be testimonies. Now understand this, God won’t come from heaven to test us himself, surely some people will be the villains while others victims. We must learn to let go even when things don’t go according to plans and people don’t do as promised, we should know that these are to make us stronger in a life that will always move on.

Of course we will get weighed down, no one loses a job to smile, loses a loved one and laughs, have an accident and throw a party or fail at an endeavor and give a backslapping testimony. We must know that it had happened to some before us, it will happen to some after us and it is happening to others away from us. What sets successful apart is how they rose from their downfall, use their past to shape their future and ultimately move on to something greater.

Termites can only try, they will never devour a stone so whatever your obstacle or misfortune is, it is but for some time. Those rough times will never last but you will, if you are tough enough. You have to find a way to keep fighting. Jump over it, if it is not too high; walk around it, if it is not too wide; go underneath it, if it is not too low; but if all those fail, go right ahead and break through it! You are strong, trust me, if you believe, it will come to you. Remember its ticks, and then the world goes on somehow, you have to move on too.

In a study of people who grew up with dyslexia (a psychological effect of not being able to read letters), it was found out that most of them are actually successful in life. These people cannot read! But guess what? They made it. Studies show that most of them developed alternatives to learning;  some adapted to memorizing while others developed photographic memories snapping everything and recalling it like a photograph later. What they did actually is find advantages in their disadvantages, and in doing so, they created something different and unique to keep them moving.

Most often, what we think of as disadvantages are actually advantages. Little wonder the wise says, “negative events are most times blessings in disguise”. We all don’t pray to be a victim but like it or not, there will be periods of trials. Whatever happens to us in life, we should try and make the best of it so that when it ticks and the world goes on somehow, we would have found a way not to get left behind.

By Aremu Ibraheem Adebayo

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