Be The Boss

Be The Boss

Hi! My name is Omotayo

The world’s economy is currently in recession, as most economic indicators point. Jobs that are before now considered to secured and high paying are becoming increasingly scarce while the not too stable jobs have increased their laying off of staff. In Nigeria alone, a little below 1million people (according to NBS), have lost their jobs in the last one year and are now part of the estimated 22.45 million unemployed and underemployed Nigerians. (National Bureau of Statistics, April 2016).


Before now the solution would have been raising money to send one member of the family to UK, USA or Canada but the stories we are hearing about those already there are not too impressive. Hence this leaves us with just one solution, redefining our goals and reorienting those coming behind. If we want to be secured financially, then we must be ready to find alternatives to paid jobs.

Admittedly, Nigerian educational system was designed such that we all look forward to being gainfully employed, in fact most of our parents pray day and night that we get that life changing job but recent economy trends had proven that to be insufficient to surviving. Thus, the need for redefining  of goals by shifting our focus from ‘where do I get a job’ to ‘how do I  be my own boss’, and reorienting those coming behind through restructured educational system tilting the focus from ‘mastering of theoretical jargons’ to ‘empirical applications’, in other words a drive towards entrepreneurship.

Fear of the unknown is real, but most pronounced in our mind. However, when the future at stake is considered, it is worth a calculated risk.

Be the boss is the new slogan, a new way to go, the doctrine of people with dreams and who have not lost hope and faith in themselves. Either as part time or full time commitment, the drive now is towards having other streams of income; automated or manually controlled, investment (money errand) or physical activities, sole ownership or partnership, sales or marketing, whichever it is, making an extra income and ultimately being self sufficient is the new end game.

As fascinating as it is to be your own boss, lack of information can make it seem impossible; lack of information on dependable business ideas, sources of capital, breakdown of what to expect and how to handle them, risk assessment and other detailed information on other requirements. Like a big clog, this had stopped so many people while putting so many futures in doubts, and several others in the hands of Pension funds administrators (PFAs).

…and that is where we come in!

Business Ideas Nigeria is a platform designed to guarantee the new end game. We will provide you with the basic information needed to be your own boss and also render support services to ensure you stay on point. We will provide you with relevant information on business ideas, capital requirements, business policies, share up to date business tips sufficient to minimize business hazards. We believe even with zero capital, business castles can be built and with our 99% reliable information your dream of being the boss can be achieved.

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