If You Don’t Have It, You Can’t Give It

If you don’t have it, you can’t give it

Can you give what you don’t have? Can you be what you are not? You are right the answer is No! You can only create it, when you can dream it. Even when everything points to failure, if there is hope within you and a mental picture of where you want be, somehow you will make there. The key is what is in you!

It is so unfortunate that a man cannot give what he doesn’t have. – Gov. Ayo Fayose

I may not be a fan of this man but I just love this quote!

The first place we succeed is in our heart; we have to first feel it in our guts then imbibe it like a culture, hold it up like a religion and be about it like a new love. Success don’t just drop on people’s laps, even if by a stroke of luck there was some windfall, if one does not have the success drive the money will soon finish. It is just natural.

To be successful, you must have the success mentality in you; to be a good leader, you must have the leadership qualities in you; to achieve your dreams, you must have invested in yourself towards that dream.
If you don’t have it, you can’t give it… that simple!

Invest in yourself, build yourself towards your dream, spend time alone, get to know yourself, fill the vacuum that you may notice, dig deep and find what motivates you… Then you are ready, ready to show the world what you have conceived, what you have nurtured, what has long stayed inside and you will be celebrated.

Have it, nurse it and be it. It is your story, write the happy ending you think you deserve.

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