The Beau

The Beau

This is a must read book for singles and parents. Relationship based eBook that is targeted at correcting the basics and act as a guide especially during complex decision making.

As youths sometimes we think handling relationship is very difficult but when you have basic understanding of the rudiments involved, it simply becomes a breeze through. Relationship goes beyond love and the body demands, we need to learn how it is designed to work.

Also as parents we have to understand so many things have changed, growing up has become more demanding, the effect of peer group alone is worse than it used to be, our kids need us to identify with what they are going through. We want them to talk to us but we must also know we have to be on the same page with them before we can make sense of what they are saying.

We must read this book. – Omotayo Abosede (Selahsomeone)

Love is nothing but good. If it is not good, it is not love. But then, love has its nuisance value. Love is a very important ingredient in working out a successful relationship. However, it is not all there is to it.
This timely book “The Beau” expresses the basic and fundamental virtues needed to get into a working relationship and sustaining it.
I met Onome about 3 years ago and her passion to see men and women walk into their God ordained marriage actually beats my imagination. Onome would do anything humanly possible to ensure you get it right in your relationship.

Practically, she played a very critical role in ensuring that I’m in the right relationship. So, I’m talking from my personal experience with her.
When Onome told me about this project, I was both glad and happy. I promised my full support and encouragement. – Ajayi Adeshina (Mr Wordline)

Thank  God it is finally here!


Click the link below to download the eBook

 The Beau

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