Live To Be

Live To Be
What is your greatest desire? What do you want more than anything in this world? What gives you joy whenever you do it? What do you think your happiness is tied to? What burns in your heart and gives you sleepless nights? Note, the question is ‘what‘ and not ‘who‘, these are questions that can lead you to what you should live to be(come). 

Do you know making your dream come true is solely your responsibility? The kind of people you allow into your life, the kind of thoughts you entertain and the amount of efforts you are willing to exert would eventually determine how far you will go. Having desires don’t count for dreams, what count are realizable desires backed by plan course of actions and drive to make them happen. Because you want to be a millionaire doesn’t make being a millionaire your dream but when you say you want to make millions as a professional and you pursue that profession with all you have got, then you have a dream.

Life is meant to be lived and living is to be; become something, be yourself, be purposeful, be a better you and so on. Many people live just to please others; parents, spouse, friends, colleagues etc., they have pleased people for too long they have lost the idea of who they are or who they want to be; that is not living! Living goes beyond sleeping, eating and working. Living requires having direction, have a destination, a goal or purpose. We don’t just want to be another figure on the world’s population, we should be amongst those figures that truly count.

When it is a decision about your life, you come first. You don’t have to lose your happiness because you want to make someone happy. You never should have to become small so that someone can feel comfortable around you!

There are so many things we can sacrifice; money, clothes, comfort, time etc. but of all things, no one should ever have to sacrifice his/her happiness. Whatever gives us joy, happiness, satisfaction is not worth sacrificing. You don’t have to become small so that anyone can feel comfortable around you. If you have identified who you are meant to be, then only people that shares that vision with you is good enough in your life. You can compromise on so many things but never your vision and happiness. 

Live to be, don’t live to please, what good is life if not well lived. Be about purpose, you have not come this far to end up as a none-entity (nonentity). There is something about you that draws you to something new waiting to be unleashed, open your mind and follow the ray of light. No time is too late and none is too early. Live to be!

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