​You are responsible 

​You are responsible learn to take responsibility

​In the end, we are responsible for how things turn out for us. Not the gods neither is it the unseen spirits, not fate neither is it destiny, it is simply the cumulation of all the choices we have made; one choice after another!

Recently, a friend of mine lost his job because of an obvious silly act, and when he was asked what happened his response was, “it was the devil” (I am sure the ‘devil’ must be so confused by now considering the number of accusations he/she gets daily). Then I simply asked him, ” did the devil make those choices for you?”. He wouldn’t reply, he just kept starring blank. This is exactly what most of us do, when things go sideways, we are so comfortable at passing the blame, while others use words like “God understands, it is well, I can’t kill myself etc.” to cover  up for their laziness and indecisions. Don’t get me wrong, supernatural forces are real but 99% of consequences are as a result of bad decisions; our own choices.

Too often we shy a way from taking responsibilities for our mistakes, bad choices and nonchalant attitudes however, we are quick to take credit for things we got right. Life works both ways, sometimes it is just so perfect while other times it seems like we can’t just get anything right, unfortunately, we have to be responsible for both outcomes. We want to ask questions like; why me? what kind of luck is this? who should I blame? When the most important question should have been ‘will I be able to bear the outcome of this choice?’.

I know most often wrong choices are as a result of pressure, pressure so powerful that our natural line of thoughts become distorted. Such pressures include peer pressure, greed, hunger, body desires, laziness, anger, jealousy, alcohol, drugs, cravings etc. but the truth is, no matter what is responsible for the pressure, when the did is done, no one sees the pressure and distortion again but the fact you made a choice and you must face the consequences; even where you don’t pay the ultimate price, the scar just never goes away. 

Now I am not going to assume, we all have equal self-control, in fact I agree it is often easier making a wrong choice than the right one, right decisions require more sacrifices and sincerely it takes lots guts but we also must have it in our subconscious that we will be responsible for the outcome of our actions. If it’s our action then the responsibility cannot be passed.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” – Jim Rohn.

To achieve your goals in life you have to take responsible for your actions and inactions, and you have to be disciplined enough to make right choices, even when they really don’t sit well with your immediate desires. Apologize when your choice affects others most will forgive your sincerity, when you give your words honour them because second chances are very rare, own your problems and be about solutions, and don’t feed your lazy thoughts by being inactive, even the devil needs an idle hand before the devil can manipulate.

It is your life and you are responsible for the outcomes, you hold the pen to write your own story, the moment you drop the pen others will pick it and write whatever pleases them for you. I don’t want that and I know neither do you. So don’t handover the control of you life to someone or something else, own your existence and make this one life that you have count for something good.You are responsible for your life, so learn to take responsibility!

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