It is true that every normal being posses the ability to do one thing or the other, but do you know that despite the possession of this ability, there are some factors that want you to throw your ability or abilities as the case maybe into the a flaming incinerator.  

The greatest factor is FEAR! Most people give room for fear in the best place of their life, and this would make them shrink themselves; this would make them stop the rolling ball from doing what it was created to do, just to avoid what might happen in the process, such as rejection, condemnation etc. There are a lot of things that could happen if you take a stride, you could slip, the sole of your feet might get punctured by a nail or you could even hit your leg on a stone, but if you consider these possibilities strongly, you might never take a step, you might never move in life. 

My dear reader, there is a clear difference between “I wish I did” and “Thank God I did” and the ball is in your court to choose which statement you want to end your life with. 

The second factor is Low Self-esteem. Low self-esteem is when you see little of yourself, when you think the ‘top’ or the ‘best’ is not meant for you, Zig Ziglar said “It is only when you start seeing the ‘good’ in you, that’s when others will see the ‘best’ in you”, that is, you are in the position to set the ball rolling by never looking down on yourself. 

“It is only when you start seeing the ‘good’ in you, that’s when others will see the ‘best’ in you”

Lack of Boldness: This is the school mother of FEAR, the inability to express your feelings, emotions, mind set, thoughts, ideas and all sorts. Now tell me, you have a talent given to you by a Supreme Being, and the next thing you could do is to give it all up because you are shy? No, that’s not right, you can’t do that. Why not start reading motivational books and articles online, on the grave and unredeemable consequences of not been bold as brass. Watch T.V shows sharing outmost experiences on the regret of not having faith in themselves when they were supposed to be. 
These three factors works hand in hand, when you don’t allow them, no one can drag you down, be like the Aloe leaf, and stay strong. I am sure you should be able to change your inability to ability; it is just a matter of determination and focus.           

Post By Guest Writer

Kajopaye Gbenga


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