You Deserve The Best

You deserve the best don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. You deserve to be loved, cherished, helped, understood and given second chances. You deserve to be successful, rich, famous, mentored after, listened to and taken serious. You deserve so much more than a man can limit you to and believe me you deserve the world.

Often people make you feel less deserving just to be able to control and manipulate you. They want you to see them as your all, your saviour, want you to think you are incomplete without them and not worthy of something better than they can provide. Here is the downside, most of these people might start up as meaning no harm but in limiting what you think of yourself they are actually causing more harm than they can imagine.

You have to believe you deserve the best first before you can experience the best. You need to see yourself as a complete being before you can enjoy meaningful relationship with others. People in your life are there to complement you not complete you, you are made in the likeness of a supreme being who is the definition of completeness. You don’t have to be in a forced relationship where you are always made to feel sorry, like a victim, a slave, a liability or like you are being done a favour. You can always get something better than you have now.

Life will make us cross paths with so many people, trust me, not all of them are meant to stay no matter how much we want them to but you know the good part, people who are best for us, who really want our happiness, who want to actually see us grow, would always find a way to stick around. Don’t give in to threats, don’t burge in the eyes of oppression, don’t let anyone coercive you, even when it involves someone you think you can’t live without, always remember YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD.

It is not such a bad idea to be passionate, shy, considerate, amiable and even meek but in all of these don’t sacrifice your happiness because someone doesn’t feel secure about your growth. Reach out, go for what you desire, you have no limits, no bounds, no impossibilities, no constraints, you have everything you need within you, dig deep and you will realize you can do so much more. You are as complete as any other successful person you know, whoever comes your way is a complement, treat them as such and value their contributions but above all appreciate who you are, get the best for yourself because after all said and done You deserve the best.

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