Why I Didn’t Give Up

Why I Didn’t Give Up

Hi Everyone, my name is Esther Damilola, first of all, I will like you to know I am not a writer, I am a computer scientists. I met Selahsomeone months back and I decided to share this, just to inspire others. I titled it “Why I didn’t give up” after re-writing my School certificate exams a couple of times. 

Many people tried to convince me, I couldn’t go beyond Secondary school and even close relatives started suggesting other alternatives to academics but I just wouldn’t give up for some reasons. Although repeating exams wasn’t my wish, on each occasion I could have sworn I had done my best but I guess life has its own ways of unfolding, however, I wasn’t ready to back down either. So I had no choice other than to keep going till I got the good result I was looking for. The major reason I kept going on was that I knew it deep down that the bad results were not a reflection of who I am, I am not a failure by any standard, however, if I stopped trying then I inevitably become a failure and that I wasn’t prepared for. I will decide how my story will end not some exams, examiners or examination board.

I also didn’t give up because I knew it was a decision that will affect the rest of my life. It has been my life long desire to work as an executive, designing programs that will touch on history, I needed higher education to get the basics to make my dreams come true. I have a desire to stand out amongst my mates, I want to be a leader and a person to be reckoned with. Passing the exams meant everything to me, my dreams and my future status.

Another reason I didn’t give up was my Mother. I wanted to make her happy, she is my all in all, number one amongst billions, my one and only, she was always there when everyone gave up, and I knew I had to repay her with a life of excellence. My mom is a faithful; even when my so called Father left us, she didn’t leave us to remarry though she was still very young. She gave up her feminine desires but she never gave up on us (myself and my two sisters) and I believe she deserves to be happy, celebrated and cared for. So keeping up with my dreams meant being able to give her all she deserves. God forbid but if I had to take the exams 50 times over, I will do it just to put smile on my mum’s face.

It you want it, you have to keep going till you have it! – Selahsomeone

Equally I wanted to prove some people wrong. I wanted to prove my dad wrong; he believes a girl child has little chance at success and for this reason he left us for another woman. I am determined to show him, I am more than an ordinary girl child, I am a person of dreams and desires, I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I am a goalgetter and I would not give up till my dreams come true. Also to prove others who didn’t give me a chance wrong, relatives, past teachers, friends and other doubters. I didn’t give up and the truth is even though they were doubters, they became my motivation.
Finally, I didn’t give up because I wanted my life to be an inspiration to others. I want to be able to share my stories with people coming behind me and give them reasons to believe in themselves. I wanted the best of me to show forth, I wanted to be the light that leads the pathway and I still do, and going forward, I won’t still give up till I start to LIVE MY DREAMS. 

Dear readers, couple of fails are not the end of life, if you believe, you can make it. Please, don’t give up trying and i assure you, you will surely laugh at last!

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