Daily Swirls

Daily Swirls

Living isn’t as straight forward as we will always hope for, the ups and downs can be demoralizing, the dashed hopes, the joy that is short-lived and smiles that suddenly turn to tears yet we pull through, we let nothing hold us back.

Dreams so big

Ambitions beyond imagination

Dreamy eyes ever shiny

Optimism my best friend

Days, months, kept my gird on
Stumbling stone I stepped on
But hope turned dejection
Faith becomes weak and
Expectations turned sour
Promises never fulfilled
My emotions took the best of me
I loved like life depended on it
But rejected without caution
Lost and alone
So I struggled through the hurdles
Pushing forward never looking back
Never wallowing in pain
Always ready to try again
Happy mood envisioned

And just then wrong choices chosen,

Deception without conditions

Trying to be smarter costs so much

A fragile heart trampled upon
Too deep to let go

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Angelic human surfaced
Brighten up every darkness
A prolific mind, I see forever
An exemption way of life
A beautiful soul
Yet never last till morning..
A painful feeling
Pain became my best friend
A sad song on repeat
Happiness was an history
Tears at last
Time now to find myself
To live and not exist
To heal, to move, to soar
To learn how to live with it
To be better and rewrite my future

Just the way I want my story to end

By Funke Shokunbi

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