Sexual Abuse; Who should be blamed?

Sexual Abuse; Who should be blamed?

Sexual abuse is one issue that cannot be over flogged, there are thousands of cases on daily basis known and millions yet to be discovered.

Cases of adults taking advantage of teens, ladies being forced against their will even in relationship, young boys being molested by older women and in some cases older men. Sexual abuse is already out of hand, people no longer respect the word “NO”.

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In this episode of The TYs Show, I interviewed a guest by the name Miss Oluwaseun Wende, a medical student, a fictional writer and an ABUSE activist, as she tries to explain;

  • what counts as sexual abuse,
  • what are the likely consequences,
  • who should be blamed and
  • what can be done to prevent it.

Below is a preview of the show.

Click link below to watch full video on YouTube.

Watch full video

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