Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

I had a mind-blowing encounter with a mentee and you know what I realized, most of us want success or change so bad that we don’t know exactly what we want and basically we are not ready for anything.

Okay, so my mentee and I got talking and it got so intense that he had to voice out…

He said, “Selah what I need is help not talk”.

So I asked he him, what kind of help do you need?

He said, I need someone to change my life, set me up and make me rich.

So I asked again, set you up in what area, do you have a business or an idea that you are sure would work?

He said No but when I have the money, I will figure something out.

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At that point I realized he wasn’t ready for anything. Of course, he is tired of his situation and he wants out but he isn’t ready for what he wants.

If you can’t make good of little resources, having abundance of it won’t change a thing. Check most people who have won lotteries in the past more than 70% of them often go back to being poor within the first 5years of winning (facts from Time, Fortune Magazine). The reason for this is simple, luck can get you huge sum of money but luck can’t help you make the money stay.

A quick question, “if you meet someone today who asked you what you want, what would be your answer?”

When someone offers to give you a blank cheque, such people expect you to have an idea of how you want to change your life. If you are thinking of going into business, then I would be asking you what do you know about the business? I once knew a man who got N6 million (Six million Naira about $18,000) as his gratuity from the bank, went into tree felling business and lost everything in less than two years. Yes, he was a banker well grounded in banking but tree business for him was an uncharted territory. Whatever opportunity you are given if you are not prepared for it, it is always hard to sustain success.

Have you ever been in this situation before, you are expecting a huge sum and you are thinking, once I get this money I will start a business, only for you to get the money and not start the business. You know why? Deep down you know you are not ready for that business and before you can say “Jack Robinson”, you have started spending the money and soon you are back to square one.

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Dear friend, you need to put your ideas on paper, and do your findings.

If you are looking for employment and say you met the president and he asked you where would you like to work? You can’t just say The Petroleum Industry, when you know nothing about the petroleum industry. You have to be prepared for what you desire. It is said, that Life changing Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

You can’t keep what you are not ready for; money, relationship, opportunities, love, greatness, Fame etc. The power to make what you have lasting depends on how ready you are for it. It is true you can’t be ready for all life has to give but the much you are ready for the more successful you will get.

After our conversation, my mentee realized that the talks would always be needed because desire is one thing, readiness is another and our talk is part of his time he is investing in his desire and what keeps him on track.

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