Purpose Versus Money

Purpose Versus Money

What are you after; money or purpose?

After a long thought myself, I still find it difficult to answer. It is easy to say purpose but can purpose be fulfilled without money? And if I choose money, is there a life without purpose? It is like being caught between two fantastic options and being asked to choose one while it is obvious one cannot function well without the other.

However, I also know that chasing after money first is like putting the cart before the horse, one is bound to have regrets. Having said that, what we see in reality is most people abandoning their purpose for money. Sacrificing that little boy or little girl’s dream inside of them because they need to meet immediate expenses.

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It has been a long hard life that money somehow seems to be the only solution we can think of. The story of a man, his hammer and every problem that comes his way. Society has somehow put it in our subconscious that living is all about how much you make rather than how well you impact.

So true, all race have that same end goals of money, fame and self actualization. Unfortunately, most prioritize money and fame that they forget self actualization. Desperation, too often, overwhelms that we are in such a haste to get results hence we sacrifice passion and purpose, and all that is left is lust after money.

Everyone has got a purpose, it’s like the reason for existence, a kind of vacuum to fill. You know life has this big picture and everyone of us, somehow fit in some place. To put it in a simpler form, we can say life is like a giant puzzle, and each of us has a role to play. So whichever role you are assigned is your purpose. It manifests in talents, gifts, obsessions, desires, passions, hobbies etc and how these can be used to solve problems and improve the well-being of everyone. Also some have been called to rule while others to follow, some to mend while others to break. We can argue this later but there wouldn’t have been crucification without a Judas, we all have a role to play.

Some are so good that one encounter with them and you know what their purpose is while others have had to struggle and learn the hard way before they figure out what their purpose is.

Unfortunately, most have somehow been lured away from their purpose because…

* all they cared about is here and now (the urge to satisfy immediate needs), the quick fix syndrome.

* they are scared of failing

* of pressure from family, peers and the media

* of pressing demands, the need to meet up with immediate expenses…

If you are someone like that, retrace your steps, it may seem like money is everything now but a time will come when you will want more and realize you haven’t lived.

However, If you are chasing after your purpose and it seems pointless now, hold fast, it will soon pay off. Hot iron, hammer, continuous hitting would eventually produce the desired result.

Don’t give up on your dreams!

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