You Don’t Need Christ To Be Rich

You Don’t Need Christ To Be Rich

I was listening to a sermon few days back and the pastor said something that provoked this thought, “he said, the most difficult position anyone can be in, is to be an unbeliever and be rich. He said because most people at this point see no reason for God”.

In other words, getting closer to God through Christ to be rich is just like going to school so you can be rich, one is not necessary a prerequisite of the other. You can be rich without God, just as you can be rich without going to school, examples of these abound.

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In fact, as a believer, your hands are tied most times when it comes to making quick money, except you are a deceiver and not a believer. Often, you have to deprive someone to make brisk money which is against God’s commandments. This is not to say there aren’t legitimate ways of making good money but the Godly way is often not the easiest way.

If you truly want to seek God, then you need to know this, there is only one purpose to seeking God and that is for salvation, other things can there after be added (full option or customized), remember that scripture about seek first the kingdom of God and… (you can Google the full verse)

So fellas don’t get it wrong, God is first in the business of saving your soul, other things you seek are “jarra” bonuses. So if I were you, I’ll seek God with all I’ve got because honestly, what does it profit a man… but I’ll also work hard like all I can get depends on me, after all what good is being saved and not being able to make a difference.

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