“I AM”

What follows your “I am”?

I am a genius or I am not good

I am going to succeed or I am going to fail

I am making this work or I am quitting

I am ready to learn from this or I am finished

What follows your “I am”

Your “I am” goes beyond state of mind, it is more of a personal confession and you know something about confession, some how it influences both your psychic and the supernatural.

When you say, “I am going to get through this”, you some how reconfigure your state of mind not to give up, you are also psyching yourself up to give more, your tired mind receives strength, your body is re-energized to push through its limits and the supernatural just has to give way. Hence the quote, “there is nothing stopping a determined man”.

On the flip side, when what follows your “I am” is negative, self demeaning no matter how realistic you think you are being or how rational you think your thoughts are, you would be pulling yourself down deeper than you actually are. Most people who become depressed actually think they are being realistic at first and tend to follow their “I am” with negative words; I am jinxed, I am a failure or why is it always me, I think I am sick, and with time this becomes who they are permanently. Their mind, body and the supernatural key to their confession.

I am not saying you should say I am rich when you are broke, you can actually say, “I’m broke but I’m going to fix that”. And I’m not saying you should say I’m fine when you are not, you need to be real with yourself, I am sick but I am going to be fine. Let your “I am” give hope to your spirit. Don’t Just stop at what it is, finish your statement with what you want it to be. Let your “I am” set your mind on what you want for yourself, even when you are down, let your “I am” be the ray of light that leads you back to your feet.

I am positive about my situation

I am going to make it

I am going to find someone who loves me

I am going to get a job that pays well

I am more than what I’m going through

I am a testimony in the making

I am…

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