The story of the three cooks by @knightofdelta

The story of the three cooks by @knightofdelta

The story of the three cooks, a true life story. And so it was that my wife hired a cook.

After several months, we started noticing things missing in the house. Foodstuff unaccounted for. Jewelries disappearing. Made no sense. But she set up a sting operation that incontrovertibly proved that the cook was the culprit. Cook 1 was fired.

Enter Cook Two His food was manageable for a while until we started noticing the same bland taste. It became tiring. After another several months, Cook Two was fired. Wife sent him to a cooking school to upgrade his skill. She paid for it. For his next employer.

And then the grand entrance of Cook Three. The best ever. He was a very good cook. Great meal. Things were peachy. Until the grand heist. Cook Three moves the sum of N700k and disappeared. Wife went ballistics and also went on a grand chase.

At this time I was on the sick bed, at home. But meals kept coming, after Cook Three disappeared. Where from? Long story short. Wife found Cook Three. Recovered a huge chunk of the money. Wife didn’t want trouble and let it go.

After the calming of the storm, I asked Wife, “Where is this good coming from? You hired another cook?” “No”, she said. “Cook Two is back. He just finished his training.” And peace reigned happily ever after. Wife invested in someone not knowing it was going to be for herself.

Invest in others, no matter how small because you never know when they may come in handy – Selahsomeone

In my personal finance master-classes, I always encourage my students to invest in people. Not because they have something to gain, but just for the heck of it. It is not just about buying food for them. Could be school fees, hospital bills, something about human capital. As part of your investment portfolio, set aside a part of your income. Could be 1%, 5% or 10%… as you wish. Invest this sum in others. Invest in their development. You never can tell what the future holds. Karma moves fast, or slow. And sometimes it doesn’t. But the future is not a straight line. Every seed you plant today will turn into a tree tomorrow. You may enjoy it, you may not. But the greatest people plant trees whose shade they know they will never enjoy. But they made world a better place.

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Bill Gates’ Maiguard

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