It is Okay to be Down

It is Okay to be Down

It is human to feel the weight of the burden, even the seemingly strongest of men have had their moment of weakness.

Men, women tear, when life pulls.

Kings, Queens ache, when they watch what they have built get threatened.

Life throws it hard and low.

So it is okay to feel down,

It’s okay to cry, it is okay to feel the pain

There is no shame in being down

It is not new to lose it all

It is not weird to feel cheated

Occasionally, it is normal to feel worthless

But never ever get trapped in it, don’t fall for the thoughts that you’re helpless and hopeless. It is like being stuck in a sinking sand, the moment you let go of hope, there is nothing to fall back on.

We cannot live being obsessed with what other people think about us. It’s impossible to live like that. Not even God managed to please the entire world. – Cristiano Ronaldo

Crying yourself to bed might do you just fine but wake up and make the new day count. Don’t allow whatever you are going through push you into depression. Trust me, there is hope!

You might not see the light immediately but it is always there. That tiny bright spot in that assumed insurmountable darkness, it is always there.

Cristiano Ronaldo happens to be one of my favorite footballers, not because he wins things but because whenever he fails, he lets out the emotion but soon picks himself up and set new targets. He has proven on countless occasions that he could rise from any situation, never shy to take up new challenges and no matter how low he falls he always manage a rise.

That’s what your attitude should be. Fall seven times, rise eight times. Cry if you must, it is good for your health, get angry it helps let out the frustrations, be emotional it helps you keep your balance but after all said and done rise to the new challenges and set new goals.

You have so much in you, to pull you through anything.

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