Claim The Spotlight

Claim The Spotlight

Ignore all the background noises, step out into the light. You have to hug the spotlight. You need to show yourself. You acting small and timid won’t do anyone any good. Being indifferent doesn’t make life less difficult. It might be in your nature to be unnoticeable or anonymous but most times what you desire can only be found when you step out of your comfort zone.

Be obvious, be in the faces of people, speak freely, don’t be scared to air your views, laugh out loud, cry as your emotions lead you. Be the first to stretch your hand for an handshake, create bold impressions, stand tall and walk straight. Don’t avoid eye contact, smile to strangers and be warm with friends. Don’t build a wall to fence you inside your shell, it is never you against the world. Step up! Always leave a new person with something to think about, don’t let the opportunity slip!

Playing small doesn’t change what people think of you. Living should never be about pleasing others. You first in everything you do. Of course, it is good to sacrifice for others but not at the expense of your own growth because in the end don’t be surprised if same person asks you “who sent you?”. And they will be right because no one did. Even the Bible said love your neighbor as yourself not more than yourself.

Love yourself so much that you want to be celebrated;

When ushered in, take the first row

When a position is thrown open be the first to go for it

When an assignment is pushed to everyone be the first to take responsibility

When a group picture is about to be taken be the one in front

When food is about to be served be the one dishing it

Don’t dodge responsibilities, don’t hide yourself from opportunities, don’t want to take backseat and hope someone else steps up, be that someone willing to lead while others are still complaining because success, my friend, picks people who make themselves available for what others shy away from.

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