Can’t You See Your Mates

Can’t You See Your Mates

The year is almost winding down and the pressure is already at its peak. Things you have slated for this year, marriage, new job, business, graduation, getting a new car, moving to your own house, getting a good man or woman and so on; and it has just dawned on you that you are at the eleventh hour and none of your plan is looking like it is going to work. Worse of all, you can see your mates achieving those same goals with ease, people you think you are better than making things happen. (I am shocked too) but…

Sigh! Breathe in Breathe out!

Let’s talk, I will give you 5 proven facts first and if you disagree, you can drop your comments below

1. We won’t all have what we want, when we want no matter how hard we try at our first time of asking. Some of us would have to ask over and over again.

2. Having something first doesn’t mean you have the best of it and having it last doesn’t mean you have the worst of it. Having it now and having it later isn’t so much different, the most important thing is making the best of it when you have it.

3. You can be successful at any age, 22, 35, 53, 81. No one is too young or too old to achieve success. Success is not a “see your mates” thing. Success is more than what can be quantified by ‘when’, its true measurement is ‘how’.

4. Because you set goals and work hard doesn’t mean the reward will be instanteous, some still go through the incubation period before they eventually materialize.

5. It is your life, your race, your time and your choice. Let no one pressure you.

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Can’t you see your mates? Yes I can but we don’t run the same race.

Some will get married at 21 and get divorced at 35 or spend the rest of their life regretting the decision while some will get married at 35 and live another 35years together happily ever after.

Some will get rich at 25 and live life to the fullest but die at 50 while others will finally breakthrough at 50 and at 75 you feel they are just getting started.

Some will give birth at will and have very little to care for them while others will strive, toil and give everything just to have one child even though they have everything to care for many.

Some will get job straight out of school and be living the life, while others would search in vain till they are pushed to set up their own business and eventually build an empire.

There would always be scenarios that would want to provoke you, question your believe, belittle your hard work and make people want to ask you stupid questions. Don’t let the pressure drive you into doing stupid things you would regret. It is not a race with anyone, it is a race against time however, everyone’s time will come, just make sure you are prepared to seize the moment.